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Blessed Crown of the Virgin Mary

This has much to do with order

The first crown

What began as the study of Blessed Virgin Mary crown, I was transported to what I believe to be the times of the Byzantine. The crown is on a head of a young man. This may be the origins of the Virgin Mary, I am sure it is the forth century. The premise of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the belief of the unconditional mother’s love.

In the feinin: I have never been touched by a feeling that represented a mother’s love for her infant. In this work, I searched to verify its meaning, and its truth in the abstraction and of its nonexistence, but it did not matter, its omnipresence of what it meant was overpowering, impacting and so (real). What I can tell you that it led me to an (epiphany) about inherently wanting, subconsciously. This was what love really means.

In the portrait of the Madonna, I felt the presence of a (blinding love), a bonding, and a child that was clingy, but mine altogether. But I knew that I was giving him up. His fragility, his inquisitiveness, his innocence. And I thought to myself, take good care of him, treat him well with respect and dignity, as he is my only. The (love) that I felt was the maternal bond.

It should be noted that this experience is not within a religious context.