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Nah, all dem Graffiti vagrant buying meh a new Jumbo Jet

Ashton, you take meh waye pass meh bedtime to come out to art show and gate lock. Boy ah ain’t tell yuh how I find dem speaking like meh. Ah see one, ah see two, ah say oh ho, allyuh talking funny. Me aint understanding what dem saying. Boy, I just get comment about a Graffiti vagrant and he friends lying to he and saying nobody like it de bookmann. Ah say them feel I is bobolee, me ain’t saying notting. Ah feel like tell he I need Graffiti vagrants to come paint meh outside wall and around meh house, Christmas reaching soon. Is I suppling de white paint, is I giving dem de white chalk and charging dem after.

Boy meh eye boddering meh, I blind up wit seeing dem new all purpose Art blog. Art dis, art dat, flim, interview, Blog,Blog,Blog. I does laugh when it start yesterday and finish tomorrow. I does look way at dem first post, dem change it, next day, dem change it. Ah say, how dem minding, cow, goat, pig, fowl, snake at de same time? I feeling shame to tell you I feel all dem fraudulent, ah know is big word I using now. I gone to show in house foundation, dis wild girl come out wit cloth and have people wit big camera fliming. She going woo,woo, I get frighten, I see she making lines, bawling woo, woo den making big circle. Ah say what de asse, I spend meh good gas money to come out and see dis. After she finish, is big clap and dem talking hard on mobile. So I go hid to see she space ship land-ing. Ah look so, den so, next ting, boom, is gone she gone we.

I gone up stairs, a see Big Collar Poster… Hear dis name nah, Galvanize 2. Is six mont now and I an’t see nutting. Boy is politician handing out sweetie. Dem go read artpaper in dem building wit roof with big hole.

Ashton, dis does get meh, all man jack going fete later, dey saying to meh face, Are you going to that party? Ah ask she, who fete?, Meh once friend come up, she going too. Here dis, I asked she, who fete? she ain’t answer, I ask she again, she mout close. Oh hoe, you feel you is white, allyuh inviting. Ah say yes, dem walking like cock and hen passin meh straight. Yuh see why I does ge vex. I want to ask dem why dey cork?

Ashton, le meh tell yuh boy, meh island ha big brush show. Boy ah never see wantless before in meh life. Ah gone to see one, is big people dey asking passport, ID, driver permit, electronic birtpaper yuh need. Ah take out my mobile, ah show dem meh Junior Sec freepass piture. Ah, look, wey dem have women nanny skinup, man tocalunks hanging, and giant woman paint. Ah look at she , ah run and hid yes, de lord have he ways. Hear dis nah, I gone in second room, is I seeing man smiling watching man totee, ah say what, is stinking buller man dem have showing. Ah look around, ah head get confuse, is if I in dungeon with chain ball. Ashton, I know yuh marry to dat old hardback, she teach yuh more bedroom moves wit paperbag…..Bu, bu Ashton, what de mudder cunt, is laventille gun dem want meh find.

Hey Bookmann, you’ve been Punked! Dem Graffiti vagrant better be using decals on meh car, or is new one.



Tagger MANFHEFJAPKRAZESPADEHOWOKCH3W@HKONKSPIT with his brushes and paint cans

Officer, get off meh tanti mudder neighbor house who just pack up and gone, Ca-nah-da dis morning. Ah calling meh frend, frend, judge frend. I eh no he name. Wait, meh seconds run out, le meh yours nah, Government paying for it, ah ca talk free all day, month and year til election. Yuh aint notice de meh bite up 1976 Rights Enshrined over de Protection of Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms paper print wit lime juice? It rubbing next to meh painting / fete rag.

Oh lawd is only yes-to-day I see meh beau-t-ful red, black and white trow way in front of NP gas station break down. Ah say to meh self, who dem people living in we country leave we forty seven year flag roll up and mash over like dead dog with car tire imprint after feteing in we all purpose stadium Petting it up in de air and dough focking care. It have meh Carlyle sic in he grave wondering if he waste he time designing it. Ah say NO me ain’t want none of dem who frend in Government printry stamping Passport and Birtpaper like giving way free hops bread and cheese.

Only weekend meh woman and I gone to de Hyatt to take in de view of we prestigious Port of Spain International Waterfront. Ah tell she see dat white rust boat out der, dat is we Tobago Pride. Yuh know ah have to spend more on she to get meh quick suck so I decide to go movietown and park in de middle of de Off Shore where meh car safe. I taking she for ice cream to give she a hint. But when I driving, ah find ah seeing all kind of big letter looking all de same. First is MANF den HEF, JAP, KRAZE, SPADE, HOWOK, CH3W@H, KONK and SPIT….and say waye Martians reach and talking too weeee.

Officer I inviting you personally to meh art exhibition just up de road where dem old hoe does eye we both. Ah here yuh does like to pump dem with gas as if you is gas attendant, a dem is gas tank hole. Funny dem Graffiti vagrant showing in one tiny room, is real fight breakout, you wait and jail. Officer, yuh hear de joke when one of dem wake up as see MANFHEFJAPKRAZESPADEHOWOKCH3W@HKONKSPIT zog up all round he wall, well is shit ah still smelling. Oh gooud, if dem coming to de exhibition dey better hide in black matrix shades, is only jackass go show he face. Look, look, one of dem hardbacks coming to tell meh I vandalizing.

Addendum: In light of what Street Grafitti represents to the public Street, artists find themselves wanting to be creative. Art on abandoned locations are the canvas where they can express themselves with an added tag competition.

The end of Graffiti in Trinidad, Hallelujah

The great debate – Clinton Anthony Cummings, Spade and Louse


This stencil sign has been removed

Readers who may be concerned over the implications of graffiti art in Trinidad. The question remains to some. Is graffiti a form of Art, is it a form of social commentary or just an act of vandalism?

A open request to the Graffiti artists tagged as MANF, HEF, JAP, KRAZE, SPADE, HOWOK, CH3W@H, KONK and SPIT. Voice your concerns in a constructive way, explain to the public why this type of Art form is necessary.


Where graffiti artist Clinton Anthony Cummings once slept, would any of the taggers above like to exchange in his place? The end of Graffiti in Trinidad, Hallelujah. The bookman has fallowed this man’s work since 2004. Thank you Anthony for asking the question,”Where have all the thinkers gone?” He should be tagged PRIDE

Boys, boys, boys – The graffiti rivalry continues

Hey Fatima bullers keep off, where dem foreign use?


The artworks from many graffiti artists located at the burnt out Santa Monica grocery lot was white washed by vandals a few years ago. Now there is some sort of revival. The works are cleaner showing some pride for what they do. – Its called vandalism, hello.


More white paint for Christmas, graffiti in Diego Martin

A comment from h….k all city’s bitch on Boys looking for a buss head post

first of all big up your crew dsu! i am very happy for you all, it will probably give you the title of first crew in trinidad,very good. But dont forget about one thing!! the most important its not the speed its to keep going!!! When a policeman going to knock on your door and put you in jail for 3months.

I am sure to be sure than you not going to see graffiti as a “art who resolve all your problem…cause you know graffiti its a vandalisme wich is a max of 3years and 300000$ ticket… dont you!! Anyway i hope long life to dsu and your graffiti scene of trinidad and tobago…

Sorry for my bad english I am a lo life from brixton

Remembering Bookmann geocites 2004 – Public Art # 9

Graffiti can be a commentary of a time and place


Along Victoria Avenue, Port of Spain, a wall drawing emphasizes the significance of the “present” Trinidad. It is preliminary a pencil work traced over by a more durable crayon pigment to combat the scorching heat of this tropical paradise. This is a drawing perfectly boxed by whitewashed concrete bricks. Here are memories from an artist in turmoil, and of a country’s fast-pace whose dismissive temperament fails to honor a man’s existence.

Recorded like a stenographer, it tells a tale: “What really going on in dis place” The drawing of the Capital’s financial towers are far from the spot, but the artist’s intention to use the Eric Williams Complex as a tall building characteristic of finance, and an island in pursuit of progress set between the foundations of the society, a colonial dwelling and a church. Between these elements, a pedestrian in fast motion. These inhabitants are the new breeds marching forward to their new vocation, gripping a briefcase in one hand, and moving with no time to waste. They walk without observing

Did she ignore the pastoral peasant clothed in period not of our time.? An aristocrat who finds himself lost from the haste of progress, This man ponders in opposing parallels, ignoring what happening around him, but yet knowing. Glazing towards the past and becoming a present component of a nation in flux.

Sitting on the pavement? This is neither clear nor visible to the eye, The artist uses the lip as a bench. There is a poetic uneasiness with this drawing, it shows a proud portrait of a man displaying lines of hardship and doubt. This man is paralyzed in a motionless state,  not as a physical amputee with his cane and his loyal canine, but by time.


No entry tickets are required here to view this public art. Just set your foot to the streets of New-Town to a vacant wall façade before the developers  move in and whitewash a poignant artwork. – 2004

Note:  In April of 2010, Clinton Anthony Cummings, known as the homeless graffiti artist  stepped onto the spotlight at Trinidad Queen’s Hall showing versions of his work on paper rather then abandon spaces, they included paintings of hibiscus flowers and portraits. This brings to an end the documentation of his work which began in 2004. The journey is complete.

Erasing what I once believed – Trinidad Graffiti

The graffiti artist, Louse, Maraval, Trinidad

The graffiti artists, Louse, spade and others have systematically brought closure to their street art by ironically defacing their own work with white and black cross marks. This is in order to completely eradicate the graffiti out from dilapidated spots around the capital, Port of Spain. Trinidad. The work to which puzzled the public by its array of iconic symbolism pertaining to a pop culture may just hibernate until new ideas can resurface.

Bringing an end to street graffiti, Woodbrook, Trinidad

It has been noted that a young individual has been seen, and is responsible for defacing these works.

A graffitist finds a place

Quirky and bizarre graffiti in Port of Spain, Trinidad

The graffiti artist, Colin Gill has finally found a place which complements his quirky and bizarre work. The black and white graphic icon is painted on a wall which is enclosed to a plot of land that is in the process of some sort of construction. The work has a poetic resonance as the mounts of gravel and land clearing gives the installation a beauty in its panoramic view.

Previously, Gill’s attempt on street art as a form of public expression had failed because his abstract paintings looked gimmicky, and it seemed to compete in territory with other graffiti artists.