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Hallucinogenic Steel Pan

Steelpan as a living organism

I name this planet Panpaintergonemad. There is no need to explain rather than for you to take it in the sunset and comet

This is one of the hot tourist spots in St.James, Trinidad and Tobago. The Bar is called Smokey and Bunty and it can draw in characters from all over the world including a Pan loving artist high on weed. Lacquered on the side wall of this Bar is a mural in tribute to Trinidad and Tobago’s National musical instrument, the steelpan, and it is envisioned somewhere out of our World. It is true that for Trinidadians and Tobagoians, the strike of a steelpan note can have a hallucinogenic affect on the heart, but not as far fetched as this.

Pan Odyssey 2005, an ultra modern panman is decked out with a latex-jacket with a circular ring as a collar. He is also levitating off an unknown planet.

The heavy body of H2o that repels from the gravitational pull and channels itself through the terrain. It then cascades off a cliff in a miraculously pan shaped crater with gentle pebbles as centre notes. The Panman as the centre subject is levitating from the surface and facing a cove where the waves which abate at the shore are in the formation of Steelpans.

Pan as the Grand Canyon

On the horizon, the atmospheric sky is curved and a constellation of stars including a nova can been seen above an bazaar sunset. At the left of the work, there are large Moon craters which morph into the musical instrument and are surrounded by living organism as to see pan itself is a living organism.

A discovered new planet called Panpaintergonemad , view it at Smokey and Bunty, St. James, Trinidad and Tobago.

This work has been destroyed.