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Howard Hughes’ Temptation of Will


Howard Hughes’ biplane

In this study of Howard Hughes I have many crashes, the upper wing toppled, the twine snapped, the wheels and axle broke apart, the engine casing collapsed. Was this an omen? Was I seeing my fate? After all this was a troubled man, a true visionary testing his ability to conqueror something other than his well being

This at the very least was a playboy, I felt it immediately. In the feinin, “I saw it in his smile, and with his disposition. This was a man who had it all. In possibilities and tragedies. An extraordinaire who took giant leaps to free himself from the (peasants). A triumph of will, a beautiful spirit who overcame the monotony of time, alone. – Jealous, shameful people, take it bastards.”


So there it is, my end, alone, tired, frighten and ashamed of myself, I ended my life