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Malcolm Little

In this study of Malcolm X, I found that this was a man deeply devoted to his faith, yet he seemed a bit untidy, I had the urge to take a shower soon after I photographed myself. I also had an inclination over his sexually, if only tempers did not flair. As a sign of respect, I had the present of mind to wear socks as I kneeled. Consequently, this post falls on his birthday, this of course was not planned, but its unthought timing is bizarre. Wonders never cease – The Lord seeth through eyes so green

In the feinin;  “Look at yourself, smile at the whole event. Licking every second, testing my will, my deep inner rage to do more than any nigger. Yes, nigger. Pee on his shirt, smear feces on his face, I remove my glasses to wipe the grime, dirt off my father’s fight for freedom in a land not free. True, times are different…

I fumble over my side, I stare at the mirror. How come me, at this time, at my moment of glory. Weep alone, share butterflies with other folks. Never side with the other man who’s heart is crueler that time. Handshake, hands up, sorrow, buckets of coins, farewell America” – 4/24/09