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Man Ray

One of the most recognized photographs in art,Man Ray’s , Le Violon d’Ingres

In this study I pondered whether I could believe what I had accomplished enabled my intrigue. Its never too late to remember Man Ray, his heart swept passed me judging greatness equal in magnitude, yet regrettable his pain, torture and fighting enemies quelling my motives to surprise.

In the feinin; “In this new composition I figured out a way to think beyond the norm, A powerful sense of casting silhouettes perfectly draped . Kisses to the women, i dreamed to touch, to fondle their bareback, the prickle of hair raised from their armpit. In this time, I wanted to speak, too close to the edge, to terrifying to see. Montage, everlasting dream, gay* folly and troubled. Aberration, apple, neuf, pineapple, consent, ageless, hoopla”

* Full of or showing high spirited merriment

Proust on his deathbed by Man Ray – Feinin

Proust on his deathbed by Man Ray – Feinin