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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

In this self-portrait of Mahatma Gandhi, I evoked a sense of purpose. This was a young man with a quiet disposition, a charmer that could quell a snake. Here I was Lord Ganesha, loyal to crown of self-preservation.

In the feinin; “My future rests on my inner determination, and of my strength, to call out to others, to see past the obstacles, and draw in an unity, a embryo, a seed of victory, everlasting, all encompassing circle, with a line.”

What happen brothers and sisters, who ended my journey  apart from you, I cried…

Feinin thought this time, he realized the moment of fairness, alone he assembled all he could do, his blood watered, his mind ached for pleasure, yet his heart was empty of will, toss too casually, ripped apart by thieves bending truths and lies. In his mind , the heavens opened, it was time to take back everything, except love.- Art, lessons, future, Frederich Schiller, mentor, precise, pristine, gift