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Moses’ Mask

In the study of Moses, I concluded that God or Gods were as one. Belief on the other hand was man’s attempt to uncover its meaning, but remained divided.

Arguable one of the greatest biblical tale with a certain truth. A man, a mountain, a river, and village. Surmised over the centuries, a token of appreciation, a joyous reminder that belief can live with any fool, a ghastly hideous mirror. Over time remember him, Jacob, (Issachar), hymns preached to God, his true name unknown until unearthed. shepherds walk, keep avail in the distance, two Gods fight over me, I tell you some time in the future. Repent, Solomon, poetry, open sea (salt), creation of truths, open sea (salt), creation of truths.

Rivers teach, man is complete, toiled next in generations to come, flocks call

In this feinin; I was cautious to merge a part of history that had been plagued with mystery and intrigued. In the self-portrait, I found a kind-heart of a simple teenager, mothered too much, but knew his role. The past all forgotten, but my presence still exists. I was young, I was afraid, I was loved, I was adorned, I was poisoned….King, ruler, submissive, charming, snake, torture, flowers, slaves, fire, death

Addendum: At first it sounded like Issahar

Addendum: At first it sounded like Issahar