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IN MY LITTLE WORLD – Peter Sheppard

Would you love to greet this painting when you arrived home?


A detail of  Peter Sheppard’s large painting, 101 gallery in Port of Spain

The painter Peter Sheppard speaks about miniatures, and that of a large work which he was influenced by Queen’s Park Oval public Art project. Yet Peter Sheppard’s heart is with his country, and his paintings represents the  diverse culture which is Trinidad and Tobago.

“IN MY LITTLE WORLD” exhibition at 101 ART GALLERY, Trinidad

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Peter Sheppard does a Cazabon Diwali

Watch and buy meh wok nah

A buyer inspecting the work of Peter Sheppard at Y Gallery, Port of Spain, Trinidad. W. I. under the guidance of the curator, Hadeed Yasmin, centre. Landscapes with an all round pleasantness

This is privy to Peter Sheppard’s exhibition entitled landscapes at Y gallery which opens today.The painter had his hand with a technique that very well followed the genre of Cazabon. The miniatures in particular gave a sense of a tranquil setting, and of the island that reflected its geographical landscape as rural, and captured the peasantry that is distinctly Caribbean. Yet, they remind you of the work by Jean Michel Cazabon, in its substance, texture and simplistic compositions. Sheppard’s approach is meticulous, yet he is mechanical as if these renditions were painted without any attached emotion.

Sheppard explains in this video, his concepts, thought process and his parents for seeing Trinidad and Tobago in a different light.His compositions he says are from memory.

Peter Sheppard also experimented by separating colour. In his monotone composition, Independence, he painted the pennants as red, white and black to give it meaning, but also as a focal point from the rest of the piece. The Independence work is part of twelve larger paintings which represented the types culture celebrated in Trinidad and Tobago. They are divided by month, hence, Independence marked the month of August, Carnival fell on February and so forth.Whether a calender will be on sale later tonight, this is unclear. The exhibitions runs till the 27th, November, 2008.

Peter Sheppard posing at Y gallery in aid of a fund raiser for Jeffrey Chock medical cost. Watch Meh

Peter Sheppard, Landscapes
Y Gallery, Port of Spain,
17-27 November, 2008