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Broadway Boogie Woogie – Piet Mondrian

Piet Mondrian’s Broadway Boogie Woogie is one of the most important paintings in modernism

Streets, traffic lights and buildings, Manhattan….So who knew that my jacket was empty, they did. When I cried, who knew, they too, so why steal it?

In a series of compositions, I was overcome by restrictions rendering me to re-shoot this work many times. I had it, but it was too dark, the next day it rained casing inconsistent shadows in the room. With more interruptions I began to think, was I was rushing it? Indeed I was, but he would not let me, ” Finish the mockup, do it to scale, don’t skip, be patient. I understand you are hurt, abandoned, loyal to survival, pushing me to see that life can’t end unless you dream of yourself….cannoned.”

In the feinin; ” What a day, I am so amazed, where ever I go, I see things alike, tall structures, bending arcs, shelves, banisters, toffee trays. I like to know what day is is, The same as all, how wonderful it is to spent time cherishing lovely thoughts, I am a prince, are you a frog, lovely, lovely, happy, joyous art. Miracle, genuine, poet, lunch, city streets, parallel parking, different tea

I very much liked this work, I wonder why I tore it off the wall with such anger and maliciousness