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Mary Magdalene

After Mary Magdalene – In a number of studies of Mary Magdalene, there seemed a void, emptness, why? The closer I try to capture her, I am  not moved.

If only you see that the myth seeks those who are tempted, she was next to him, she sang his praise, but why treat this women with the lowest contempt. A lie you see, his was too young to stain with blood beneath the skin, ” Lord is troubled” creatures that we are expose us forever. We are forgiven in his arms, the feet of Christ come forth. In the end they will believe

My wounds cut by stones, kneel to my rest, Amen

You took part in my execution

After completing theses studies, I had n overwhelming expansion  from the centre of my chest.

Man knows God’s servant

This portrait began as a fashion model parody, it then it seamlessly transformed into something else. I conclude it is him, his second disciple.

Plaque, horizon, wall, Constantine, opium, blindness, thieves, abundance, cast (nets), Messiah, Jew

In an earlier self portrait, I was puzzled, more so by what I thought I believed to be true. In this mosaic, the (Messiah) is not that of Jesus of Nazareth, but rather of one of his ( Apostles). In this work, I felt encased in stone, mammoth, a presence of a law, a teaching and a permanent reminder of, under a political regime. Grand, powerful and far reaching.