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Watch Meh In Meh Glitter

A mermaid too heavy and costumes parked as if they are cars. In the backgroung an Unicorn. The mermaid in question has a fisherwoman’s tongue and the Artist who built the costume suffers from latent transgender feelings, thus proudly constructing a bodybuilder of duo-sex.

For the first stage of judging the Kings and Queens of Trinidad Carnival, one competitor is quite distressed over the weight of her costume. She exclaims; “Nah, I eh carrying focking dat, it too heavy.” The costume in question is this heavy bosomed papier-mâché Mermaid with accompanying Parrot fish that appear to be quite bamboozled by the flash.

“Watch meh in meh glitter” after a six hour trip from South

For masqueraders crossing the Queen’s Park Grand Stand, prancing under the spotlight is all they care for. This supporter is carrying the costume from a San Fernando Band after the fatigued Queen released the harness to her after competing on stage.

King Sailor coming off stage

Flowers and birds as Art in this King Sailor’s costume

The method of crossing the Grand Stand refers to the size of the costume. First the masqueraders has to get the costume on the stage, he may struggle, stumble or fall…who knows. Then he begins to weave right to left to the both sides of the stage. From there he must express the spirit of carnival by trotting and wailing with his hands free to wave around and not drag along the costume or briefly stop to jump around and shake the costume’s frame to give the illusion of movement.

The detail of a King’s costume with coconuts and a Hibiscus flower