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Midnight Robber Rustler

The Midnight Robber character is based on the Mexican revolution fighter, here he is toting his firearm and sombrero hat

Robber speech: “On a breezy morning, like ah king out of hell, I drift across de Savannah to see who dere. Obeah make dem drink, spinning flasks toil grave stone ride only by bus. Ah bamsee pass meh straight, de horn dem does fight, is Tuesday mask parade. Obeah money rise from ghosts pelt stone at she. Ah tornado coming, ghosts in a panic, money thunder, Tobago higher. Drink, mess wit obeah, candle bright squeaking imps, bottle sins, Rose pelt bottle back.

Corbeaux miss treat lion, is jackass moon-walking leprechaun. De Queen know him free, waiting jewels, Christmas time, bite she hand. Trickster Tuesday, monkey pee near tree, bust bottle, cap cut. Drink swift Trinbago monster, blue band next, AIDS limp wine, Tuesday payol messing wit water glue. Naked, curse, fadas noose, chest game winner, Corbeaux reach, cinema picture perfect, bomb school teacher, class take cover, is obeah licks, teacher cry, run a mock, best village, San Fernando taxi stand crash, is meh first test creeping across dem coaster car brake jam, bamsee empty jam. Buff, patang, screech, lopsided, spinning wheels.

Chicken nest, cock feet rampage, Ajax roti curry fig. Look money teach monster fadar country, Rainorama hotel cock fight lose. Tuesday masqueraders, pantie bust. Two sinners scratch, bite, pull, till tot tots  flop out as dem man wit roti curry saltfish gold cap grin, spin and wine on ah nudder sinner rump.

Bottle heading, swing flying across meh teet. Pang, whatang, jook, look cuff….pencil sharp inside neck, suffer det. Money problem accuse. Robber wicked, fire mouth, shark fin grouper, swallow and emasculate traitors in a land of many. Soca, obeah hand, toejam reap high from dem toe, is many fall dead marching on grave stone road.

Potato, carrot, weed pie sweet, jump up sinners, bounce ah Mac truck. Ajax cement flour mix juice, lucky, cancer treat dem well, Old, fat wish, stone hedge coffin, passing La Basse cook, fry rice, chicken pilau soup, oops meh time to reap,water so stink, follow meh to town, bus route wrong, Obeah trickster, Charlotte street roadside pavers candle bright, obeah now rest for dem Tuesday evening mêlée lap.

Lookout money, dem corrupt singers, tell is I who draw, fire, shoot de King of mas. Follow, rise beneath Charlotte. Money wavers, look, is trickster coco payol empty gun, stop meh dead, bring back sweetee, tulum, conchs, shilling price……money rise and send meh back to hell”.

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Between life and death

The wall at Lapeyrouse Cemetery in Port of Spain, Trinidad that separated the dead from the living. For two days straight, the constant pulsating rhythms from music trucks may have awoken many spirits from their peaceful rest.

This is Trinidad and Tobago on a Carnival Tuesday 2007, and the mood is quite a somber one. Masqueraders and spectators are wandering around in search of the Carnival Jumbie who can cast the dancing spirit unto them. People are walking rather than wailing, chipping rather than wining.

This year, many large bands offered an all inclusive which included amenities such as a Drinking Bar, Food stall and Toilet facilities. These were all mounted on a convoy of trucks, and carnival band members were protected in line by a security renegade holding an unending rope. And this was aimed to filtered out any stormers who may have disrupted the private street party in a public surrounding. Whether this took a huge bite from the profits being made by street vendors, all inclusive bands were clearly the winners.

Smaller Carnival Bands were less laxed and steelbands seemed exhausted from playing or just tired by waiting in queue to cross the stage at some competition point located far and wide. This five minute video will give you a synopsis of the festival as it begins with the Traditional Fancy Sailors. You should note the particular dance which these old mas men still do. Larger bands such as Tribe seemed lost in their direction, and a smaller Sailor band with a steelbands were more inviting with their baby powder fights and their masqueraders dodging for cover.

There was the Desperadoes flagman who was accosted by a young woman for a brief wine, and a couple in Hearts that worked in the wine a little longer. There were the elaborate Fancy Indians, Blue Devils and dirty oily Imps. Big Mike had his followers of many female masqueraders, and a young man played himself to a Soca tune blaring off a Music truck. Finally, the Exodus steelband concluded the day’s event. See last Lap clip 2006, the end of the Carnival event ***