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Try Feinin’s Hot Triples

Gim meh ten more wit slight pepper and plenty mango…..Let meh see, Mavis say she want two, witout, Paula beg meh to buy she four, one for she popo belly, Bobesingh say is six wil kuchela, and plenty pepper, he bamsee go dead later, I looking for four, slight, full wit cucumber, and oh fadar, dem lazy staff who have meh slaving and getting big boof from de line as if I break biche, want twenty wit every-ting…

What does a Doubles vendor look like?

Anti Clockwise:

1. The Doubles vendor* and his cart, generally he** stands on a box with a sign to the front.
2. The cart contains a bucket of channa and the bharra. There is a shelf where the condiments are placed, namely, pickled cucumbers, kuchela, mango and pepper.
3. Customers who eat doubles on the spot, like this fire brigade character. And then there are business men who carry a list. (This is a real occurrence, queues are long)
4. The doubles collector who manages the money. He may carry a conversion chart to make calculating easier. Here, I have a pencil at his ear, and wearing a dog chain. What’s missing are expensive shoes.
5. The cooler provides beverages, and a small tank (not shown) is used to dispense water.

* I also included a hairnet, food badge and a pale which contains the channa. The attaché case had a roll of toilet paper as well as bags of doubles, it was to supplement the paper napkins.

** “Pa when I grow up, I too is becoming ah Doubles man like ma”, this was said after the little girl consumed a fresh doubles at the University of the West Indies, they are considered the best on the island.

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