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Columbus sets sail on September 14th, 2009 – Alice Yard Trinidad


Never forget this moment

Art at the Church of the Sacred Heart, Trinidad

The depiction of the stations of the cross, painted on board, Trinidad, West Indies

The sexton of the Sacred Heart church in Port of Spain was directed to the founder who laboured thirty years to see the building complete. A brass etched plaque acknowledged Hailas Greenough as the person responsible, est. (1882) and this discovery came about after a brief tour of the small Cathedral in Port of Spain. She explained that the stain glass windows are a fine example of Flemish work depicting the motifs of the christian prophet. There is also a series of paintings related to the Stations of the Cross. The works on wood still retains its beauty, although they are matted with dirt caused by the city’s pollution.

The Sacred Heart

Be Thankful – Independence at forty six

Callcards identifying who we are as a nation; A New Nation, I am Trinidadian, I am Tobagonian, Brotherhood, Unite as one, I come from a paradise, I am Caribbean , Build Together,I have a future,

The Bookman and Adele took a moment today to do a project to reflect thankfulness for Trinidad and Tobago.
Small callcards were made up with different statements on them in red, white or black and were placed around various common meeting areas. The objective being to create an intimacy with the recipient as well as to encourage reflection.

The Coat of Arms at the Queen’s park Savannah, a day before Trinidad and Tobago celebrates forty six years of Independence.

We also took the installation, Patrimony out of its original space and into the environment and shot it in state, as part of our response to our nation’s anniversary. We are still filled with optimism and hope and we saw many signs today, as we drove around and looked at our national colours draped in homes and on trophies for a walk/run tomorrow in St. Joseph. As the sun went down on the day, there was a wonderful calmness and beauty to our land, and we felt truely grateful. – Adele

Erasing what I once believed – Trinidad Graffiti

The graffiti artist, Louse, Maraval, Trinidad

The graffiti artists, Louse, spade and others have systematically brought closure to their street art by ironically defacing their own work with white and black cross marks. This is in order to completely eradicate the graffiti out from dilapidated spots around the capital, Port of Spain. Trinidad. The work to which puzzled the public by its array of iconic symbolism pertaining to a pop culture may just hibernate until new ideas can resurface.

Bringing an end to street graffiti, Woodbrook, Trinidad

It has been noted that a young individual has been seen, and is responsible for defacing these works.

Insurrection at Toco

A part of Toco’s history painted on three water tanks, Trinidad, West Indies, 1997

This mural depicts the insurrection by the Caribs from the Spanish conquerors during the Spanish mission.The artist has reconstructed the systemic way in which these people were eradicated governed by the propagating of the Christian faith under the Spanish crown. The two murals are painted on two of three water tanks at Toco, Trinidad. It is a part of Toco’s history as in the insurrection, men, women and children threw themselves over the cliff or were otherwise killed by the conquerors.

Galera Point, Toco where both the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean meet. It is the spot where many indigenous Indians committed genocide in order not to be captured by the invaders.

Where ever you go, I shall be a part of you

Love beyond the physical world

This young man, on special occasions carries a small glass vial around his neck. What it contains is the ash from a special friend to him, and it is in memory of a man who lived on the very edge of life, but then death intervened.

It has more than a year since the untimely motorcycling death in Trinidad and Tobago of Gilles Budin, the tattoo artist who operated Tattoo Farm is still remembered with kindness and perplexity. The manner in which he was killed stills remains a mystery to most. But truth generally finds its way to the surface, and all scenarios will finally rest.

And with a wash of the drifters, wannabes and other transparent characters, Tattoo Farm had downsized but still manages to keep afloat after Gillies’ absence. The young man speaks quite fondly of him and as he showed a tattoo of a beetle and an ancient tradition Indian Totem symbol inked on his upper biceps by the Frenchman himself, his voiced buckled with sorrow, as he knows that somewhere in the ether, Gillies’ spirit is close to his heart.

From an universal email at his passing: Terry and I went to the hospital last night and stayed with him until he passed. It was just so fucking peaceful. It actually was spiritual, pure bliss. He received the wings he so desperately desired at 12.25 am.13th. May 2006 and everything around became full of joy, quiet and urgency disappeared. The moon came out in Macquariepe and a whisper of a breeze made the flame of the lone candle burn bright. It was pure love. (The writer of this message is not he person described in this post)