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Break Out Blues by Chris star far Cosy eh

The Trinandad + Timetogo Flime Festival, 2010

Ah Chris star far Cosy eh imposer at the official  Poster festival launch

Flime maker Chris star far Cosy eh released to the public, the official poster of the Trinandad + Timetogo Flime Festival, 2010. Cosy eh maco de girls at unsaintly Judas school for de elite. Threw ah window, he witness de blackest offcast with bright eye. Boldface as usual, he unannounce heself as ah Flime maker to de spinster, catching de Maddar jorting down two High High never Low Rosary fowl.

Maddar French Creole/mixed/Chinese break for to back door tinking is dem who come for she over de ah bustive reports from dem all who des brush in secret from Rome….After praying and expelling she sins, to de (ah go get yuh went yuh reach), de lawld say, ” You my child refuse to obey me, flush de toilet and watch yuh hands”

Like ah Rubaducky Victor politician, Cosy eh confuse de Maddar one time, citing de scripture wit words she never hear, ah example,”I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery; Eh, de woman bawl, you is ah pretending Muslim?

Cosy eh, “Red, well developed, busty, solid, thick get deported to Canada, too much nationality, eh better jump de gate and escape from dat zammie just behind yuh” Head Nun, French Creole/mixed/Chinese, “Very dark Black dough let dat brown skin wit ah crutch corrupt yuh poom poom, dat is mine, remember…..I bless it since yuh young”

Taximan douglarish mix, a good-looking hustler, and a wheeler dealer, ” Very dark black, let we suck tongue nah, and dough close yuh leg like Bible, meh totee fighting to get in. Chris star far Cosy eh fliming ah blues.   Ah breaking, use meh Ponds napkin to wipe up de blood clot from meh seat

Muscular and tough, “French Creole/mixed/chinese yuh could squeeze in dis male whorehouse client, 40s, fat, big-bellied? ” French Creole/mixed/Chinese, “Is two night shift I already take, Very dark black could cover meh dis time…”

Pinkie, Indian, married to a farmer. She has a young baby, “Dem filmmaker rightous see I star spiffing me fresh herb infront of imposters, Jamaica I born. jah Jamaica breed when parent travel dem India sea to me bless soil wit blue mountain snow, when dem clot in Trinadad dismiss dem selves, as one, unite I stand Jamaica queen. Jamaica twin sister Tobago fighting zealous bloodclots who dere rape dem pride …..Jah Tobago Jah, no sister no cry

a hardworking young farmer, ” Pinkie trap meh and she faddar give we ah cutlass wedding, I glad I not stereotype to be ah Indian cause I is ah hardworking farmer, and eh like dem who catch de niggeritis CPEP fever to reap road weed. Now I force to brush wit meh wife friend, Red, well developed (busty,) solid thick, dem Canada export she back in as lree trade import”

The star characters

Frances-Anne as Red, well developed (busty,) solid thick

Oonya as Very dark Black

“Break Out”

It should be noted that these character stereotypes are based on the actual cast call for a film to be produced in Trinidad by Frances-Anne Solomon and Oonya Kempadoo, and aptly for the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival, 2010. The poster artist selected for the festival this year is Christopher Cozier