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Mr. Greogry at Feinin’s oysters around de Savannah

A topical oyster vendor around the Queen’s Park Savannah. Trinidad

What to look for:

1. A collapsible table
2. A flambeaux
3. A dirty table cloth
4. A mixture of condiments in unmarked bottles, cut limes, salt, pepper and a glass
5. Oyster shells that have been clean using a large knife
6. A paint bucket containing water
7. A dirty rag that is used to wipe the table clean
8. The vendor of Indian stock, wearing heavy rings and a gold watch,
9. The Koran

Mr. Gregory dough choke on de concoction, drink it slowly, it go tingle eh throat like medicine de doctor order.  Where de money to pay he, in yuh back pocket?

Yuh feel I is old eh, how come yuh bawling now eh, de medicine working eh, is you to pay me, Feinin give meh two more glass, let meh damage de box put she too in hospital under 24 hour surveillance

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In this study, I realized that I am beginning to have re-occurring themes, once again the old man and young lady characters