The Queen orders assassination on former daughter in-law Fergie

Greed attracts Greed

Prince Charles goes into hiding, Buckingham Palace shuts down London, Tower of London holding cell open for business, battle ships  HMS Queen Elizabeth  and King George  surround Bahrain to save the Duke of York from further  heartbreak

Queen Elizabeth caught in a video sting as she shakes ( gloves off) the hands of a criminal, after closing the deal. The imposer, Mazhit-Manky-Mahamood is captured, drawn and quartered. His guts are fed to the hogs

The Queen counting the tabloid newspaper Crown notes for  selling everything on Fergie at a value of 30P, Evening Edition. MI6 gives Her Majesty  the scoop, were she was conceived.  Between a horse and ox, in a padlock during a 2pm feeding , the act took some time to figure out the logistics of which mare  was open to mate..


In a fit of rage, Her Majesty rips apart the dough and destroys her prized rose garden, she will not attend the execution

The Queen overcome by shame , Her Majesty collapses, the Duch-less of York has ended her love

Fergie: “It is true that my financial situation is under stress. However, that is not an  excuse for my serious lapse in greed  and I am very sorry that this has happened to me and that my mother in law’s portrait on theses Bank notes will remind me that I still love seeing  her  500,000 times in this way.”

News of the World; Does York suffer from a gambling habit? what her interview on Oprah  on Tuesday who pays her $$$ to spills her dilemma. The Queen will be watching, deciding whether to condemn  Oprah as an instigator of embarrassing her family further.

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