La Diablesse Trinidad Folklore

La Diablesse protected under a Silk Cotton tree and sweet smell of eau de perfume – See the other Trinidad and Tobago’s folklore characters

La Diablesse, Lajablesse, – Female Devil, a folklore character of a beautiful woman who is dressed in white and wears a white brim hat. She has one foot like a cow. La Diablesse entices men astray at night and into the forest where they both disappear. The moral of this myth stems from preventing men from the wondering eye or being mislead by the ills of a woman’s lure causing harm by the possibility of contracting a venereal disease or committing adultly


Girle, is hard times, I have to complete with dem younger Diablesses fighting over prime territory in Port of Spain, Woodbrook area. Meh mind strong but meh body weak. Fellas does pass meh straight on the street, when times I was Nanny Queen. I losing meh charm, meh eyes getting puffier, meh face falling, meh hoof need filing. I ain’t like going home in the forest by myself. Sometime I have to storm wedding to get attention. I does feel shame when no man does break their neck at see me these days. I go salt dem young Wajang with Obeah.

Addendum: The La Diablesse ‘s beauty is transformed when the whatless man discovers who she really is after she smokes Papa Bois’ pipe to reveal her honorific face. She then exposes her cow hoof. Papa smoke he pipe, yuh done. The whatlesss man is one who is drunk after a village dance and on his way home through a lonely sugar cane patch.

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