Ali’s local priesthood


Feinin with his Good Friday prediction of breaking an egg in a Rum drinking Swiss peanut butter glass

Allyuh jokie when yuh all does put on costume and enter church, mosque, temple and beg hard wit yuh Bible to God and Jesus for thing like Lotto number and wickedness to udders. Den yuh does come to me when yuh faith blank yuh. I know exactly what you want, I see it in yuh eyes and in yuh hands. I have all de Obeah to work on yuh enemy, right now I feel dem working some on meh, but I pass that already wit meh Super Seven.

Yeh bring what I tell yeh, yeh do what I say. Yuh borrow she pantie from de neigbour line. Is after she husband and he corn soup business yuh want? I fresh out of incense, yuh say is dat brand yuh buy, import from India but make in China. Sootar, come kill and pluck dis wild fowl, remember, is a twenty a pound, de meat sweet in a Pilau after it does bussup running insect in meh yard and keep it clean.

It does not matter, I tell yuh to pray, pray for what yuh want, is not me yuh praying too, is yuhself. By de way, is 6 calling in de whe whe, and take a good bush bart to cleanse yuh nasty ways.

Obeah, meh ain’t beleive in dis religion de whole country does follow

Addendum: The corn soup incident of a pot tipping over and discovering a pair of underwear in the soup’s batch.

Terms: Whe Whe, an illegal form of gambling played by men

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